Ruffle Cake & Custom Bunting


So many positive reactions to this ruffle cake that I made for Brooklyn’s First Birthday party.

Vanilla cake with vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream

My particular cake has been featured on Catch my Party!!

For as much as I’d like to take credit for this amazing cake design .. I cannot. Martha Stewart posted her cake and then, I came across Sweetapolia’s blog featuring her amazing ruffle creation. So inspiring that I had to try it! And Brooklyn’s birthday seemed like the perfect occasion!

The cake and the Swiss Meringue Buttercream were both vanilla. The buttercream recipe that I use is actually made with meringue powder as opposed to egg whites. Honestly, I’ve tried to make this icing with the traditional egg whites and FAILED miserably! The buttercream was watery and runny. And, no matter how long I blended it, the mixture just would not combine. It was curdled and unusable. Real shame actually! So, after much success with the meringue powder, I’ve maintained my recipe for this decadent buttercream without the use of the egg whites.

Icing the cake took a great deal of time and buttercream. I used 4 batches of the Swiss Meringue Buttercream on this cake. 2 batches to fill the 3 layers and do a skim coat. The other 2 batches to pipe on the ribbons. I have to also say, by the time I’d finished piping around the entire cake, my hand was beginning to cramp up. I *almost* wanted to say “Forget it!” to decorating the top. Alas, I persevered and completed the cake as planned. I’m so glad that I did. It really did finish it off nicely. If you’re interested in trying this ruffle technique, check out this video.

Gah! Cramp!

The bunting was an easy way to create a “birthday greeting” without 1) taking away from the stunning visual impact of the ruffles and 2) without having to add embellishments to the cake itself.

Brooklyn's Bunting

The simple letter designs were done in Photoshop and printed on 100lb card stock. Then the letters were bent over and attached a pretty ribbon that was tied between two skewers. The 2 small butterflies were actually hair clips ~ that the birthday girl can use in her hair after the party! Who doesn’t love that?! Plus, buntings ~ a cute keepsake from your event!





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